FCA status

The FCA firm number for Stride Limited is 304823. This means that Stride Limited is authorised by the FCA and is able to transact insurance business. 

If you have any questions about FCA regulation or if you are unsure which category you fall into, please feel free to call 023 9224 8790 to speak to the Compliance Manager or email compliance@stride.co.uk .

Additional information can also be found on the FCA website which includes full details of the statutory regulation rules and guidance, policy consultation and announcements. FCA regulation is a statutory requirement that affects companies who transact any kind of insurance business in the UK.

Companies who offer insurance products - whether as a full time occupation or as an additional service to customers, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The list of companies affected by the new regulations will obviously include Insurance Brokers but also contains Estate Agents, Property Managers, Motor Traders, Dentists, Vets and Freight Forwarders.

  • What is an Appointed Representative (AR)? 

An Appointed Representative is an agent for a principal or principals. The principal is authorised to conduct insurance business and is responsible for their Appointed Representatives' compliance. The arrangement is subject to a contract and the representative agrees to act in accordance with the standards of the principal.

  • What is an Introducer Appointed Reprentative (IAR)? 

As an Introducer Appointed Reprentative your activity would be limited to introducing customers to your principal and facilitating non-real time financial promotions.

If you would like to discuss any complaince issues facing your business please contact the Compliance Department:

Direct dial: 023 9224 8780

Email: compliance@stride.co.uk

All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

Additional information can also be found on the FCA website which includes full details of their rules and guidance, policy consultation and announcements.  

Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured
Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured

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