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Stride Limited, Birch House, Parklands Business Park, Forest Road, Denmead, Hampshire PO7 6XP

How to contact us

Tel: 023 9224 8780
email: info@stride.co.uk   

1) The Financial Services Authority (FCA)

We are required to give you this information by the FCA, the independent watchdog that regulates financial services. Use this information to decide if our services are right for you.

Stride Limited, Head Office Birch House, Parklands Business Park, Forest Road, Denmead, Hampshire PO7 6XP, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Our FCA reference number is 304823.

Our permitted business is advising on, arranging and administering general insurance contracts and arranging consumer credit for insurance contracts held through us.

This information can be verified by checking the FCA's register on their website www.fca.org.uk/register or by telephoning the FCA on 0800 111 6768.

2) What products do we offer?

We offer products online from a panel of insurers for Property Insurance.

Our insurers:

  • AXA Insurance UK plc
  • Portus Underwriting
  • Towergate Underwriting
  • Zurich Insurance plc

3) What service will we provide?

We will offer quotations online based on the information given and make this product available for purchase on a non-advised basis.  If you take out a policy online we will administrate the policy and our service will include advice and assistance regarding adjustments and claims and we will advise you when your policy is due for renewal.  At renewal we will ensure that the policy still meets your needs and we will offer an alternative policy, if appropriate. 

We will arrange finance for your insurance policy, if required.

There may be occasions when we act for both you and the insurer.  If this situation arises you will be advised. 

In order to assess your application and protect you from fraud, we may use public and personal data from a variety of sources, including credit reference agencies and other organisations.   A search may appear on your credit report whether or not your application proceeds.  By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to this use of your personal data.

4)  What will you have to pay for our services?

There is no charge for arranging a property policy.

We reserve the right to make charges in addition to any insurance premiums, for the amending, renewing and cancellation of any policy. These charges will always be advised to you.

Cancellation instructions will only be accepted in writing.

Policies paid by Direct Debit will be subject to an APR of 18.50%, typical, variable.  15% deposit is required and the balance will be collected over 10 instalments.  At renewal the premium will be collected over 12 instalments the APR is 18.60%, typical, variable.

For your information the premium paid to ourselves for your policy will be held in a non-statutory trust until it is paid to the insurer. This means that the bank or other creditors have no charge on the premium.   Money paid by you for your insurance is protected by risk transfer.  This means because we are an agent of the insurer money paid to us is taken as being paid to them.

The non-statutory trust may be used to make advances of credit to enable a customer's premium obligation to be met before we have received the premium from the customer. The commission due to ourselves from your premium is drawn. 

In the event of the sale of this company to another authorised firm you agree, by way of acceptance of this Terms of Business, that any premium we may be holding on your behalf at the time of the sale may be transferred to the purchasing firm for payment to the insurer or, in the event of a credit, to you. as soon as the premium is paid by yourself or the finance provider.

You may at any time request details of commission earned by ourselves in respect of policies arranged for you.  

5) Professional Indemnity

We conform to the FCA requirements in respect of Professional Indemnity Insurance. This type of insurance is mandatory.

6) Confidentiality and Data Protection

Unless required by law, public interest, virtue of our being regulated by FSA or you give consent all information you supply will be kept confidential to us and parties involved in the normal course of arranging and administering your insurance.

Stride Limited is registered as the data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998, registration number Z6183066. We will hold and process your personal data for insurance administration and marketing.  You have the right to see personal information about you that we hold in our records. Should you have any queries please write to:

The Data Controller
Stride Limited 
Birch House
Parklands Business Park
Forest Road

7) Fair representation

Under the Insurance Act 2015 representations of facts made by you to your insurer or us are your responsibility and must be substantially correct and made in good faith. 

our attention is particularly drawn to the importance of the declaration on the statement of fact as any breach may invalidate your insurance cover in part or in whole.

Facts material to the insurance are matters or information which may influence an insurer as to the acceptability of your proposal or renewal and must be disclosed throughout the life of the policy.  The information must be able to be verified easily by the insurer.

Under the act an insurer has a remedy against a commercial customer in respect of qualifying misrepresentations in breach of the commercial customer’s responsibility where the insurer deems the misrepresentation to be deliberate, reckless or careless.  

You are advised to keep copies of all documentation sent to or received from us for your own protection.

Please consult us if you are in doubt regarding any aspect.

For training and mutual protection purposes telephone calls are recorded.

8) Quotations

Your quotation is valid for a period of 30 days provided that all the information given at the time of the quotation is correct and in full. If any changes, including the advised inception date, have to be made to the quotation this may affect the premium. Insurers reserve the right to change the terms of their policies which may also affect the premium.

9) Your policy terms

When a policy is issued you are strongly advised to read it carefully. That document, schedule and any certificate is the basis of the contract of insurance you have purchased. If you are in any doubt about any of the policy terms and conditions, please seek our advice promptly.

10) Claims

If you have occasion to claim on your policy you must notify us immediately and we will promptly advise you and, if appropriate, issue you with a claim form and pass all details to your insurer. You should not admit liability nor agree to any course of action, other than emergency measures carried out to minimise the loss until you have agreement from your insurer.

If in any doubt please contact our claims department 023 9224 8770.

11) Insurer Databases

To check information you have provided and to prevent fraudulent claims, insurers pass information to:

The Claims and Underwriting Exchange run by Insurance Database Services Ltd, www.cueuk.org 

12) Transfers

There may be occasions when your policy is transferred to a different provider without prior discussion with yourself. In these circumstances the decision will have been taken in your best interests and the cover will remain the same.

13) Complaints

It is always our intention to provide a first class service. However, should you have any cause for complaint you should in the first instance contact us orally or in writing.  If the complaint can be resolved to your satisfaction within 3 working days we will confirm the details to you following the resolution.

If your complaint requires further investigation it will be acknowledged, you will be kept informed of progress and the final response advised within eight weeks. If the complaint cannot be resolved within this timescale we will write with an explanation as to the progress and the likely timescale involved.   

You will be advised of any further redress available to you, should you believe the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction. 

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk.  You will be eligible to refer your complaint if you are an individual acting outside your trade or profession or a trust or charity with an annual turnover of less than £1m or a ‘micro enterprise’ where turnover is less than €2m and less than 10 people are employed.

Their address is Exchange Tower, Harbor Exchange Square, London E14 9GE.
Telephone Number: 020 7964 1000.
Email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk 

14) Compensation Scheme

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If we cannot meet our obligations you may be entitled to compensation. This will depend on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim.

Further information about compensation scheme arrangements is available from the FSCS, www.fscs.org.uk
Their address is:

7TH Floor, Lloyds Chambers
Portsoken Street
E1 8BN

Telephone Number: 020 7892 7300

15) Note

Your acceptance of these Terms of Business does not affect your statutory rights. These Terms of Business are effective 01.01.16.  Any revision to these Terms of Business shall be in writing and form the basis of a revised Terms of Business.

Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured
Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured

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