Are SMEs doing enough to encourage remote working in their office?

Business is a rapidly changing game, whatever industry you might be in and one of the biggest reasons for this in the modern age is technology.

Larger companies now have whole departments dedicated to researching and developing cutting edge equipment that will boost productivity, reduce costs and keep staff motivated.

Without doubt one way in which the business environment has been transformed is remote working. No longer must employees spend every day sat at the same desk in the same office in order to carry out their job role proficiently.

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Instead, they can remain in the comfort of their own home or anywhere else for that matter. This carries a range of advantages, some which are highlighted below:

Cost saving

This is particularly relevant for SMEs or businesses in the midst of expansion plans. For every employee that works remotely, a firm needs less office space and IT equipment to accommodate them.

Consequently, leases are cheaper and the startup costs that are needed to get any business off the ground are reduced - a particular plus point given that this is one of the main deterrents for entrepreneurs who never go through with following their dream.

Similarly, the implementation of other technologies, such as Voice over Internet Protocol can mean that workers from various corners of the country, or even the world, can verbally communicate without running up astronomical phone bills.

Motivation and satisfaction

Having your workforce motivated and on side is a surefire way to getting on the road to success and remote working can offer an enriching alternative to the drudgery that can consume some who work from an office on a daily basis.

It can offer a much greater level of flexibility for workers, perhaps to work while away on a business trip, and also takes away the painstaking experience that is the morning commute. This can have the potential to cut the man hours that are wasted by lateness and save employees money on travel (or the company if an expenses system is in place).

The aforementioned flexibility can also be a massive relief for employees who are planning on starting a family. Another aspect that is a necessity, but can disrupt a firm's human resourcing is staff maternity and paternity leave. If parents are able to work more flexible hours from home, this could save them having to organise childcare or even cutting their hours.

This is beneficial to the firm as they are able to keep experienced personnel without having to rely on temps and crash course training programmes. Equally, it means the employee and their family needn't cut their income to such an extent.

Are SMEs doing enough?

The difficulty for SMEs is that they do not have the same resources to research and seamlessly implement the technology needed in many cases. However, it is essential to have an ethos that will keep any firm up to speed with its competitors - something that cannot be done in the current day without embracing new practices such as remote working.

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