Claim form guidance notes

The following guidance notes have been prepared to assist you in completing the property claim form, which is downloadable here. 
Download a copy of these notes in PDF format below.

The sections in the guidance notes correspond to the relevant sections of the claim form itself.

Section 1

The name and address of the policyholder or the person making the claim. Please ensure that the Policy number is fully completed, otherwise this will delay us in locating your policy. If you have a property management company please also complete their name and FSA status. We also require information regarding your VAT status, please complete this question.

Please complete the Cheque Payee section with the name that the cheque should be issued in.

Section 2

This section deals with the particulars of the loss itself - i.e. exactly where, when and how the loss or damage occurred. This part of the claim form also asks for details of any emergency work, the estimated cost of the repair including emergency work costs, whether the property was occupied at the time of the loss (remember, under the terms of your policy you must tell us if the property will be unoccupied for any period of time over 30 days), and whether property belonging to anyone else has been damaged as a result of the incident. It is important that these fields are completed accurately, as the information supplied forms the basis of how the claim will be dealt with.

If there has been a pipe/roof leek you must send in the repair invoice prior to the insurers authorising the works.

Please also note that it is a policy condition that the insurers are notified with 30 days of a claim.

Section 3

This section only needs to be completed for break-in/malicious damage/vandalism/vehicle impact claims only. If the cause of the damage was not one of the above, then leave the section blank and move on to Section 4. If you are making a claim for any of these, please make sure that you report the loss to the Police and obtain a crime reference number. Also make sure you provide the address of the Police station the loss was reported to, and if possible, the name of the Police officer that dealt with the case.

Section 4

Complete this section if there is another insurance policy that covers the loss. This is because some companies have market agreements in place to request a contribution towards the cost of the claim from other insurers if the property is insured elsewhere. This will be dealt with the insurer and should not affect the other policy that you hold. Please contact the Claims Department if you need clarification of this.

Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured
Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured

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