The landlords guide to communicating with tenants

There are a number of factors that will contribute to someone becoming a successful landlord, but many of them might not immediately come to mind.

Obviously being financially shrewd and having a knack of investing at the right time mean that buy-to-let landlords have the best chance of adding properties to their portfolio and maximising their return on investment.

However, it's not as simple as that. Landlords cannot just purchase a property then expect to watch the pounds start rolling in. It also takes a certain personality for an individual to succeed.

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Customer relationships

As is the case with any line of work, customer satisfaction is one of the best indicators of someone who is performing well in their job and buy-to-let landlords are no different.

In this instance the customer is the tenant, therefore it goes without saying that landlords must be seen to be doing everything possible to ensure that those living in properties are happy with all aspects of them.

Communication with tenants

It is absolutely essential to be in regular contact with tenants, even if a property's maintenance is handled by a letting agent. This will not only give landlords the opportunity to get to know their customers as people, but will also make them more reactive to any problems that may arise.

Disputes between landlords and their tenants are by no means a rare occurrence, but the reasons why they start are often completely avoidable.

Whether it be a small crack in a wall or damage to a piece of furniture, regular visits and interaction with tenants give the greatest opportunity to rectify these issues quickly.

Some tenants may be unaware of the severity of a piece of damage or may even try to discreetly patch it up themselves in an effort to retain their deposit, but if maintenance work is not carried out to a professional standard, this could lead to even more serious problems later.


This is unequivocally the most important piece of advice. If a landlord is planning on making changes to a property or upping rent prices then it is best to notify residents at the soonest possible opportunity.

It will not only make tenants warm to you more by convincing them you are an open and genuine person, but it will also give them the confidence to know that they can bring any issues up in a relaxed and civil manner.

Don't get ahead of yourself

The ultimate goal for most landlords is to build up a healthy and profitable portfolio of properties, but in the haste of the moment some overstretch themselves before they are able to support their investment.

Taking on too many properties could prove to be a severe strain on the bank balance and might also lead to tenants feeling neglected.

Growth must take place sensibly and gradually to ensure that each property is given the attention it needs - one of the golden rules in forging a harmonious relationship between landlord and consumer.

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