The landlords guide to maintaining let properties

It is inevitable that a property will be the subject of a bit of wear and tear as the years go on, meaning it is essential that landlords are vigilant with regards to any maintenance work that needs to be carried out.

However, the satisfaction of residents must always be a priority. Undertaking maintenance can be disruptive to the living experiences of tenants - especially if it is a major piece of structural work or uses equipment that creates a large amount of noise.

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Always provide notice

The secret to a happy and harmonious relationship with tenants is often communication. Complications with properties are not uncommon, but tenants should always be informed of work that needs to be done at the earliest opportunity - even if there is no specific date in mind.

Giving notice before visiting a property means residents will not have their day unexpectedly disrupted, a measure that could avoid any conflict arising. This also gives renters an opportunity to plan ahead and make alternative arrangements if the work being done is set to be an inconvenience.

Assess how serious the job is

Some problems are so severe that action needs to be taken immediately. In emergencies, it is fair that tenants can expect less notice before maintenance takes place. However, other work might only be for aesthetic reasons or involve a non-essential repair.

In the case of the latter it is best to look longer term at rectifying the problem. If a tenancy is due to run out within a couple of months, or if students are heading back to their non-term address during summer, it may be best to simply wait until the property is vacant.

Be transparent

Perhaps the biggest consideration is keeping tenants informed. Rather than simply picking a date that suits the landlord, asking them for a time that would fit in well with their schedule shows compassion and empathy that will help build up a positive relationship.

Striking a balance

Landlords should always try to strike a balance between maintaining the upkeep of the property and the satisfaction of tenants. This can be a fine art, but staying in close communication, while being adaptive and reactive, is likely to prove the best way of achieving this.

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Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured

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