Home emergency

Landlords tend to be the first port of call for any problem within rental properties. This is especially true when a home emergency occurs, including problems with the plumbing, electricals or gas.

Stride offers a unique Home Emergency Service which offers your landlords peace of mind and tenants direct assistance when they need it most.

Quick response to home emergency situations are essential for good tenant-landlord relationships, while ensuring any issues within the property are professionally dealt with before becoming a large scale problem.

Landlords home emergency cover

What is considered as a home emergency?

A sudden and unforeseen situation which if not dealt with quickly and without sensible intervention would:

  • render the property unsafe or insecure; or
  • damage or cause further damage to the property; or
  • cause excessive discomfort, risk or difficulties for or to you

Emergencies: Tenants can contact the Home Emergency claims helpline service when a home emergency occurs. We will then arrange for a qualified contractor to be sent to undertake work within the home. Our home emergency advisors use their discretion as to when and how the emergency work is undertaken.

Non-emergencies: We understand that tenants may still need assistance even if it is not considered an emergency. Assistance may be available at chargable rates to the tenant. 

Home Emergency Assistance for landlords - summary

Plumbing and drainage: Damage to or failure of the plumbing and drainage system, blocked toilet and blocked external drains within the bounderies of the property

Internal electricity, gas and water supplies: Assistance in the event of electricity failure of at least one complete circuit, gas leak and water supply system failure

Primary heating system: Cover provided where the system has failed or broken down

Security cover: Cover in the event of damage or failure of external lock, door or window

Lost keys cover: Assistance following the loss of the only available key to the property which cannot be replaced and normal access cannot be obtained

Pest infestation cover: Assistance in the removal of wasp nests, hornets nests, house mice, field mice, rats and cockroaches

Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured
Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured

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